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The Nettles Building houses an array of fitness opportunities for current USC Sumter students, faculty and staff. All students are encouraged to make use of the gymnasium facilities in the Nettles Building

Also in the Nettles Building is the auditorium, where drama classes, special events and Commencement take place.

The Nettles Recreational Facility includes a full size, multipurpose gymnasium that supports basketball, volleyball, badminton, indoor soccer, and roller hockey. The gymnasium also houses the three tier USC Sumter Climbing Wall for all levels of climbers. The facility houses three regulation racquetball courts, men’s and women’s locker rooms and a comprehensive Wellness Center. The Wellness Center has a complete set of Nautilus equipment supplemented by a full set of dumbbells and the Smith free weight system. The Wellness Center also houses a Treadmill, Stairmaster Stepper, Stairmaster Gauntlet, Exercise Cycle and Rower for cardio training and overall body conditioning.  



The Student Union Building is where students can hang out and socialize, grab a bite to eat, or visit the Bookstore. 

USC Sumter exposes you to activities and programs that are fun, interactive, entertaining, and culturally enriching. Whatever your interest: music, theater, sports, or billiards, we have an avenue for you to express yourself while reaching your goals.

As a small campus, our students get to know each other in class and in our Student Union. With the opportunity to join a variety of clubs, participate in school-sponsored trips, play on-campus sports, and accept leadership roles on campus, our students find that USC Sumter is truly a “home away from home.” 

The campus bookstore is located in the Student Union Building. Your source for textbooks, school supplies, Gamecock clothing, jewelry, license plates, greeting cards, graduation gowns, gifts, and many new items arriving daily.



Located next to and connected with the Nettles Building, the Schwartz Building contains offices of professors as well as multiple classrooms. 

The Schwartz Building is known for its unique layout (shaped much like a wagon wheel). It's also known for the large parking facility located in the rear. The Schwartz building houses classrooms for subjects such as Criminal Justice, Psychology and History as well as professor offices, where advisement takes place.    


Anderson Library

The USC Sumter Anderson Library serves all segments of the campus community - students, faculty, staff, alumni and often the general public. 

A visual icon of the USC Sumter campus, the Anderson Library consists of two stories with major updates completed in 2003. The library contains two computer labs, multiple study rooms for individuals or groups and classrooms in the rear of the building.   


Business Admin

Offers coursework in Economics, Management Science, Accounting, Management, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and International Business.

The Business Administration Building houses the Opportunity Scholars Program, as well as classes for not only Business but also Math, English, Foreign Language, Philosophy and more. It's also the building where the Continuing Education is located. 



Located next to the Business Admn Building, the Science Building hosts numerous labs as well as offices for professors.   

The Science Building houses both Biology and Chemistry classes and the Labs that correspond to each. The building layout is designed where classes are located on one side, while the offices of various professors are located on the other. There is also common area with tables and seating where students may study individually or gather as a group. 

Behind the Science Building you'll see the greenhouse used by students of Biology and Environmental Science classes.  


Arts & Letters

The Arts & Letters Building is the located at the front of the campus and you may notice that it resembles a church (because it used to be one). 

The Arts and Letters Building houses Art classes, Art History, Music as well as a banquet and lecture hall for special events. There is also an art gallery within the building.  



The Williams-Brice-Edwards Administration Building is where students handle registration, billing and financial aid, etc. It also hosts the offices of various staff including the Dean.  

The Administration Building is normally the first-stop for all new students at USC Sumter. This is where you'll come to set up financial aid or if you have questions regarding registration or need general assistance. It contains the offices of Academic Affairs, Records and Admissions all on the ground floor.

On the second floor are offices for Athletics, the Dean, Business, Public Relations as well as Student Affairs.    


Palmetto  College

Palmetto College is part of the USC system, offering online bachelor's degree completion programs for all South Carolina students..

Advancement, a new direction, unfinished business — there are a lot of reasons to pursue a four-year college degree. With the convenience and affordability of University of South Carolina Palmetto College, it’s hard to come up with reasons not to.

Once you have 45 credit hours from any accredited college, you can complete your bachelor’s degree online. You can access your coursework from home or the office… or you can pick it up and take it with you to your son’s soccer game, your hair appointment or the nearest Starbucks! And because Palmetto College is part of the USC system, your diploma will carry the same credibility and weight as any other four-year degree from the University of South Carolina. 


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Columbia441 hour
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Charleston107    1 hour 47 minutes

USC Sumter History

A look back from 1960 to today.


  • 1960

    Talk Begins

    A dialogue was established between representatives of Sumter and Clemson University to establish a two-year branch campus.

  • 1965

    Partnership with Clemson

    A partnership was struck to establish Clemson's first academic branch in Sumter.

  • 1967

    Facility Dedicated

    The original campus designed by Charles McCreight consisted of four one-story buildings: an Administration Building, Classroom Building, Science Building and Library totaling 59,000 square feet. The facility was formally dedicated on April 24, 1967.

  • 1972

    Initial Enrollment

    Initial enrollment in 1966 was 97 students; by 1972 this number was only 245.

  • 1973

    Clemson becomes USC Sumter

    Sumter officials successfully negotiated with Clemson and the University of South Carolina to join the USC branch campus system

  • 1975

    Campus Expands

    The final design by James, DuRant and Matthews featured an assembly area, student activities offices, lounge, kitchen, art and music rooms, and lecture classroom totaling 15,000 SF. It was completed in December 1975.

  • 1985

    Nettles-Schwartz Building

    The first facility to be financed with State funds was the Nettles-Schwartz Building, completed in March 1985.
    The facility nearly doubled the size of the campus by adding 67,000 square feet.

  • 1990

    Administration Building Expanded

    Expansion of the Administration Building was accommodated by adding approximately 1000 SF to the existing 12,000 square feet ground level and adding a second story of approximately 15,000 square feet. This design by James, DuRant, Matthews and Shelley was completed in 1990.

  • 1992

    Library Expanded

    The new structure consists of a two-story addition to the front of the existing library and a two-story addition to the rear. The book storage and student seating capacities will more than double in the new facility, accommodating 120,000 books and space to seat 325 students.

The Enrollment Process

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